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Mcleodganj part 1-Bhagsunaag

                          Mcleodganj part 1 - Bhagsunaag 

As my freind woke up in the morning he started shouting, hey adis cmon wake up- wake up see there is snow over the mountains.I opened my eyes and what we saw was not something thread into words........
Pic credit @adimax93

My self Adis and this is my travel story to  Mcelodganj, Dharamshala in Himachal pradesh. It was started with  four  best friends trip and then to only two left in the plan.
Next morning we reached at Dharamshala and we deboarded there. 

You can book your bus from HRTC app or other apps like REDBUS, MAKEMYTRIP etc. I prefer MAKEMYTRIP or HRTC.

THINGS TO KNOW : Bhagsunag is small town in upper-part of Mcleodganj, 20 min. from Mcleodganj .

I planned the trip and all set to go and just one week before the trip, one of us out of the plan and  of and so then other one too. I m not happy but as i planned, me and my best friend Vinni packed our bags and booked the ticket one day back. All set and i told him to reach ISBT Kashmere gate by 8:30 pm. I was at mall and Shriya rang me around 6 in the evening, she asked me how u going and so i tell her a little rudely and then no signal and she was not audible. But i knew there was something.
Mom please fast  i have to go, i m getting late and i wore my shoes. Reached  taxi stand and my fone again started ringing this time its Anji on the fone and she just asked plse take me with u people.  Its like time stop moving and I have many things to say but its like she is my bestie too so i said after calming myself okay i ll see after reaching ISBT and u just pack u r bags. 
I reached ISBT and Vinni on the way. I asked the inquiry about the bookings and they said u can go by a deluxe bus to dharamshala at 10:20 pm . My booking was 8:40 pm a Volvo and it was just moving in front of me and left the bus stand. I never missed but this time its different.
Anjii just reached ISBT and  Shreya just ranged and told me that she is coming too and ask me booking for five. Five and so Shreya's sis coming too ..........
We boarded the bus and started talking about the trip sudden changes  in the plan ......had our dinner at murthal (Sheeshmehal) and reached Dharamshala in the morning.

Makemytrip give good offers but you have to book atleast 5-7 days earlier. 
From there we took taxi and reached bhagsunag and went straight to the hotel we booked on the way to Bhagsunag from Dharamshala . We booked hotel ROSEWOOD. This hotel got nice rooms,good service and one of the best room 402 if you going to stay there go and ask the receptionist for 402. 
We just reached and tea on the table ........Nice shiny day with clouds.
After breakfast we started planning for a short trek to Bhagsunag fall via Bhagsunag temple.
You can have cheaper hotels here.
More nearer to nature.
Away from hustle bustle of Mcleodganj.
Triund trek via Dharamkot also accessible from here
Small trek to Bhagsunag falls from here.

View from 402 room no. Hotel ROSEWOOD 

We started at 1 o'clock for Bhagsunag temple. Weather was cloudy and rain on the way. This what we wanted.
We reached temple by 1:20 pm. Temple easily accessible by road devoted  to lord Shiva and dedicated to lord Bhagsu and lord Naagdal. There is a very interesting story about the temple written on the large board just outside the temple. I am not going to tell you about the story, leaving it to you whenever you go there read it. Temple is surrounded by stunning cliffs and and long tree of Deodar. There is small pool of water coming from fall. Tourist can take a dip in chilled holy  water of Fall.
After "bhagwaan ke darshaan " we started for Bhagsunag fall. After 15 - 20 min. walk fall was visible to us . And as we continue for the Fall, rain started drizzling over us . Cool breeze and small rainy drops touching us fill me with something cant say in words. Clouds near me and we all were like oh my gosh its all like happening in a movie. 
Bhagsunaag Temple 

We reached the Fall after 45 min. of walk. Fall is magnificent and surrounded by lush greenery. Chirping of birds, sound of water falling from upper mountains and a silence of the valley all make it a divine. We stayed there for an hour. I didn't want to come back. There are two cafes where u can have Maggi, omelets, toast and snacks. There we had photography session and started moving back to our hotel. 

Pics credits @adismax Bhagsunaag fall

Whole way there was drizzling and its enjoyable. On the way back i met some local people who actually from tribal village known as GADDI . Farming and Herding are there main occupations. There livelihoods based on these only. There life is in such hardship that we cant even imagine.
We were back by 6 in the evening and we planned our dinner. After dinner i went to the room balcony and had very good shots of  stars with clear sky. I never saw the same in Delhi.
Then we all planned for next day and went to sleep............
Stay tuned for second part coming soon ......Bhagsunaag to Dharamkot and Triund.

Total we spend around 6000 per head for 4 days. Any queries  u can DM me on my instagram handle adismax / docter on the roll regarding economical trips and how to plan.......

Special note - As i am a bird photographer u can visit my profile on instagram and follow me @adismax24. I ll tell u some imp birding site there in Bhagsunaag and Mcleodganj .........
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